Sears Consult LLC
Liquidation and Asset Management Professionals

Domestic and International Experience

Sears Consult LLC is based in New England, but can provide services across the United States and Canada as well as countries in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, and South America.

Specialized services

Bankruptcy can be the most effective way to liquidate business assets and limit liability when circumstances beyond a Client's control make it unable to continue operations. But the technicalities of closing a business under such conditions are typically outside the scope of most business managers or their attorneys. The accounting and legal professionals of Sears Consult LLC provide the specialized skills that your team needs to navigate the complex bankruptcy process.

We can help
  • When the Bankruptcy Court needs to appoint an experienced trustee team
  • Corporate assets need to be found and collected
  • Cash and other assets must be managed
  • Claims must be defended, pursued, and settled
  • Distributions must be made to creditors and/or shareholders
Recent clients
  • Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation, Stone & Webster Engineers and Constructors, Inc., and affiliates, global engineering and construction companies whose parent was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (United States, Europe, Middle East, Far East, South America)
  • Washington Group International, a large US engineering and construction company (Europe and Middle East)
  • Stone & Webster Canada Limited, a privately held company (Canada)

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